Switching Sutherland’s horse, loses chances to win Classic

Chantal SutherlandThe Breeder’s Cup Classic is still over 30 days away, but it is never too soon to talk about one of the greatest horse races of the year.

The first November weekend in Los Angeles should be a beautiful day and should feature some fantastic horses.

The Classic brings together some accomplished horses. It is not a race for rookies. Each one of the horses have won a big race in their past. So sometimes, the spread is better than the Kentucky Derby.

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Like last year, it seems like the Classic has some good story lines shaping up.

Chantal Sutherland had a good chance to be the first woman jockey to win the Classic. But her plans have taken a turn.

She was set to ride a favorite in the race a Baffert-owned horse named Game On Dude. Baffert decided to change jockeys and Rafael Bejarano is now riding Game On Dude.

Sutherland is a strong jockey and should be riding in the race, but the horse she mounts may not be at the same caliber as Game On Dude. With that, the possibilities for a first time female jockey winning the Classic are much lower now.


  1. J.C.Palmer says:

    Just proves Baffert is a jerk! Cried like a baby when the new owners of Richard’s Kid switched trainers- “I felt like I had my pocket picked”he said! I would say- how many horses has Baffert gotten from other trainers when owners wanted a change? What he did to Chantal is the lowest of blows! I will be rooting for Richard’s Kid! Former trainer-J.C. Palmer

  2. Bev says:

    I was so disappointed not to see you ride Game On Dude today.
    Hope all is well with you. Was looking forward to seeing you race.

  3. Curtis Oda says:

    First things first!! Chantal and Game on Dude were an awesome combo and it wasn’t her fault that they lost in the Pacific Classic at Del Mar!! She was beaten by a better horse on that day but it was a good time for the owners to make a change and blame her for the loss!! I know Chantal would have won the Breeders Cup Classic with Game On Dude but its not going to happen this year…In our lifetime, we need to have setbacks to make us better and strong and I know that Chantal will bounce back and become the star that she is!!! Keep up the great work Chantal because your number one fan will always support you!!! Take care and continued success…..

  4. george says:

    why take chantel off shes done alot with this horse can bob baffert ride him hell no even
    if rafael is a good rider he never came close to winning a breeders cup classic thats a slap to the face

  5. Louis Komaromi says:

    I didn’t think it was fair to take Chantal Sutherland off GAME ON DUDE. The only times GAME ON DUDE got beat, with Chantal riding was when he was at a disadvantage because of the track surface. GAME ON DUDE was at a disadvantage at the Del Mar racetrack. The track surface, and very fast early pace didn’t help him. She rode a fabulous race to come in second at Del Mar, and last year at Churchill Downs.

    GAME ON DUDE has the advantage on the SANTA ANITA dirt track. The connections of GAME ON DUDE should have kept Chantal as the jockey on him. She is a top notch jockey, with the ability to compete with the best jockey’s in the sport of horse racing. When she rode GAME ON DUDE, Chantal did a fabulous job.

    Louis Komaromi

  6. Brian says:

    Dullahan is showing himself to be an artificial surface specialist in a league of his own. Game On Dude did his best on that surface in the PC. I don’t think Bejarano or Smith or Shoemaker in his prime could have elicited more from him that day. Ms Sutherland regularly coaxes an optimal performance from her mounts. Bad call on Mr. Baffert’s part imo.

  7. Bart says:

    Hey Chantal,

    Still a horse racing fan but the Breeder’s Cup lost a little bit of intrigue for me with your situation with Game On Dude. Every sport needs story lines and you and the Dude, in that order, made for a potentially fascinating finale to BC 2012. Don’t think NASCAR has Danica Patrick running because she’s won anything but you certainly have. The Dude might have been one of the real reasons you left home and all that money to stay in SoCal initially. Sucks to say the least. Here’s hoping you have many more opportunities come your way in big events in your career.

  8. steve owens says:

    hi there girl the racing world will miss you, you have allways worked your tush off, you know we will miss you but have fun, relax and enjoy a diffrent way of living. Xxxooo :-)

  9. If you DISSECT the DERBY YOU will see that the horse that beat GAME ON DUDE had a VERY VERY BAD TRIP which most likly cost HIM the WINNING of The BIG ONE IN KENTUCKY.This HORSE has that great come from behind PUNCH that it takes to beat a front runner.The JOCK & HORSE both did there best.MAYBE BOB COULD PUT A CHICKEN ON HIM A HAVE A RERUN.Why do you think they SHIPPED that HORSE & JOCKY from out EAST ? $$$$$$$ MAYBE ? marcy

  10. I am so sorry to hear that Chantal is retiring! She was just what the sport of horse racing needed to bring more fans.I hope she continues being a spokes person for the sport of kings!

  11. Danny C Lopez says:

    Dear Chantal, welcome back. Every human being is a unique creation, there are no duplicates. I was glad to read that you took those courses and realized your true value ! You are a beautiful woman on the ” Outside ” and even more beautiful on the ” Inside “. You are very talented rider, and will find other Game On Dudes in the future. It nice to see that you consider him your ” Buddy ” but guess what ! you already have a much nicer ” Buddy ” and the name is GAME ON KRUSE !!!! I wish you Love and happiness in your marriage. May the good Lord bless you both.

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