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  1. J.C.Palmer says:

    You got a raw deal girl! What goes around comes around-as they say! You’re the best!Keep the faith-there’s a reason for everything and in this case maybe to show all what a jerk Baffert really is! All the good you did on that horse and for him to take you off is the lowest of lows! Former trainer ,J.C. Palmer

  2. anita carter says:

    We will miss you. If I had thoroughbreds I would have had you be their jockey.
    And I hope you don’t disappear from your public. Best of luck always.
    Anita Carter

  3. rick benson says:

    The best decision for the short term….I hear little tiny feet….

  4. She Goss says:

    I feel so lucky that my granddaughter and I got to meet you at Santa Anita 10/20/12. Thank you so much for signing her pink bag, she is really proud to show off your name over all the boys. I will miss watching you ride. I am really excited for you, to have found a soul mate and wish you all the best.
    S Goss

  5. Clark says:

    I will miss the most beautiful jock that ever raced a horse. I will never bet a horse trained by Baffert for what he did to you. I hope you come back to racing because it is a shame that someone with your tel lent is going to waist a God given gift you have in your hands and head. God Bless You my dear in what ever you decide.

  6. Mark says:

    loved your courage, your drive, and determination, made and lost money on you but always enjoyed your trips….glad to see you leave unharmed..
    Thanks Chantal

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