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It’s difficult for many women to break into a men’s sport and dominate; which would explain why most have separate leagues for women only. But when it comes to the often overlooked field of horse racing, being a jockey could be suited best for both sexes.

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To be a successful jockey, you have to be both light and strong to be able to handle the power and maximize the speed of the horses underneath you. In essence, they must be able to control an animal that weighs around 1,200 lbs and is moving roughly 40 mph.

With those facts, you can see why that while either sex can be a jockey, it is males that ride the vast majority of races throughout the world. Chantal Sutherland, however, defies the percentages and thrives on the back of a horse, earning over $45 million since she began riding in 2000.

Known as the Danica Patrick of horse racing, Sutherland is a model/jockey who isn’t afraid to leave everything she has on the course to get a win. Now, thanks to Bo Derek and Vanity Fair, she takes that passion to a more literal state, as she recently posed nude atop a racehorse for the magazine.

This beautiful young blonde appears to be comfortable on a horse no matter what the situation and makes for a rather attractive ambassador for a sport where the human element often gets overlooked.

Here is what Bo Derek wrote of Sutherland in the magazine.

There’s something special about the way jockey Chantal Sutherland rides a Thoroughbred racehorse. You notice it right away: you can always pick her out of a tightly packed field of 15 riders and horses. Her position in the saddle is positively feline, very sensual, and when she makes her move to take the lead, she gets impossibly low on her horse’s back….

…Jockeys are considered, pound for pound, among the strongest athletes in the world. But if a woman is generally 30 percent weaker than a man, just how strong must Chantal be to compete equally in arguably the most dangerous sport? She’ll tell you the strongest part of her sculpted body is her big toe. Yes, that’s the first point of contact that creates the leverage that controls a horse running at 40 miles per hour. The reins are a mere suggestion.

I tell you what, if this is what is making the rounds at the track then maybe it’s time I check out some horse racing. Something tells me that, after this photo gets out, I’m not going to be the only one who thinks this.

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