Chantal Sutherland Gets Engaged (NOT MIKE SMITH)

In case you haven’t heard the news on Twitter, Southern California jockey Chantal Sutherland is celebrating her engagement to Dan Kruse of Monrovia, CA.  Sutherland tweeted the news to followers in recent days:

“Just had a nice brunch with my fiancé! Oops forgot to tell you that Dan Kruse proposed to me New Years Eve and I said YES . . . he’s a STAR!” Kruse is a member of the family that owns Kruse Meats in Monrovia.”

It’s well-known that Sutherland was previously engaged to jockey Mike Smith, but the couple broke off their engagement in June 2010 and in August 2011 participated in a match race at Del Mar called the “Battle of the Exes,” won by Smith.


  1. Louie Santacross says:

    I just seen a special on tv about chantal god bless she was a very good rider.I worked on the race track at the n.j areas back in 1971 i was hopeing to become a jockey also i weighed 103 pounds.I went from the streets right to the track did not know any thing about those nutty horses.I worked for a trainer Bill Sacco i started out as a hot walker then then grooming and then excersising i took a couple of nice falls but it did not stop me then i started coming out of the starting gate with the doors open trying to get a 2 year old to learn how to come out of the gate and me also. I never made it because of the trainer got ruled off the track for doing some thing wrong so i gave up and came home but during that time i have seen a lot of jockeys get hurt very bad. I am happy for chantal to retire before some thing might have happend to her good luck chantal

  2. wayne bonds says:

    you are a good jock good luck and most of all be safe

  3. mary ann c golden says:

    Your so much better off without Mike.

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